MSL Project Sales

New developments are exciting. They create multiple housing options, whether in apartment blocks, townhouses or land. But they can also create stress for developers who almost need to wear multiple hats.

Off the plan sales, remaining stock from a development that just won’t shift. How to make the right decisions about internal spaces. Just what do buyers look for that will have sales flying off the books.

At MSL Project Sales, we understand the world of new developments. We’ve worked with developers at all stages of a project. So whatever you need with your development, our experts are at the ready.

How we work with you

You want off the plan sales? We’ll work alongside you to create a strategic marketing plan for pre-construction sales, right through to completion and settlement. We specialise in selling the last remaining stock of a development to Sold Out stage. Because we know what buyers are looking for, we can help you with the configuration and design of internal spaces – even down to the brand of appliances to install.

We work closely with our channel and B2B clients for off the plan sales, and that includes foreign investors.  And we even have a dedicated finance broker for buyers. In short, we take the stress out of your property development. And because we are closely associated with MSL Property Agency for rental management, we can even manage your properties for you.

So if you’re a developer, it just makes good business sense to contact us before you make important sales and marketing decisions.